Just call me Andy (Warhol)

I love painting.

But I ignored that for a while so I could be a “responsible” adult and make “responsible” choices.  For example:

I have a college education, times two.  Yup, I went twice.  And I don’t use any of that education in my job.  Yay me, for an awesome use of money!  Yay me, for making responsible choices!

Before my kids were born I designed wedding invitations, and now I’m back at it.  But last year I got sidetracked… I started painting portraits and pets and it took off.  I never considered commissioning my work before, but as I have discovered things tend to work out better for me when I just go with the flow and don’t plan too much.  This has definitely been the case for my painting(s).

This is where I show off

This is one of the first paintings I did, and it’s hanging in my husband’s office.

Stan and Chantal stripes painting

I work from photos.  Here is the original.

Stan and Chantal original photo

Aren’t we cute?  First I sketch the photo in pencil, then I choose my color scheme.  I try to stick to two or three colors as that gives the best pop art feel.  Too many colors and it gets a bit too busy.  This painting gave me some trouble… I tried it in blue first, and I just wasn’t feeling it.

Stan and Chantal stripes painting WIP

Yuck.  One of the reasons I love paint as a medium is because if something sucks, you can just paint over it and nobody will know.  Except I just told you.  DOH!  And here’s the finished product:

Stan and Chantal stripes painting

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