Choosing Wedding Colors

Choosing wedding colors.

It seems like this is a tricky thing for a lot of brides to be to do, and there *millions of guides online geared towards helping them do just that.  But do those guides really help?  I’m not so sure… they talk about time of year, the venue, color wheels, but not so much about the individual bride and her unique likes and dislikes.

*approximate number based on late night research while binge watching crime docs on netflix

So what’s my recommendation?  I’m so glad you asked.

A/V Club, if you please:

That’s the overview on how we recommend you choose your wedding colors.  But let’s break this down into more detail.

Step One: List Words to Describe Your Wedding

One a piece of paper, jot down descriptive words based on how you imagine your wedding.  You may not have a clear idea of wedding things yet, but you’ll probably have a pretty good picture of how you want it to feel.  Do you want a party atmosphere with loud music and lots of celebrating?  Then write party, celebration, jubilant.  Have you always loved wedding magazines and pictured yourself in a princess ballgown, walking down the aisle to the Wedding March?  Then maybe traditional, formal, classic are more your style.  The more descriptive words you write down, the easier it will be to narrow down the overall vibe of your event, and the vibe will eventually lead to your wedding colors.

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Step Two: Go Through Your Favorite Photos

Pick out your favorite photographs.  These can be wedding related photos you found online, or favorite pictures from your personal collection.  Try to avoid pictures with emotional ties, like an old picture of you and your childhood pet, if you can.

Once you have a healthy stack of photos to choose from, you are ready for step three.

Choosing Wedding Colors | Wedding Colors | Wedding | Wedding Collage
Go through your photos and set aside your favorite ones. They don’t have to be wedding related! Pinterest is a great place to look.

Step Three: Dissect Photos Into Main Color Groups

Up until now, you might be like… wha?  But this is where things start to come together.  This can be finicky, but try to break your pictures into color groups.  Ideally you want no more than four or five per photo, and you can go as low as three (but with a picture that’s hard).  Take a look at my example:


Choosing Wedding Colors | Wedding Colors | Wedding | Wedding Bouquet

Realistically there are way more colors in this photo than just five.  There are shades of cream and more shades of pink and blue and green than what I’ve shown in the squares.  But I’m trying to break the photo down into it’s main colors.  In other words, if I were to glance at the photo quickly, then turn away and close my eyes, what would my color take away be?  That’s what I want in those boxes.

With that in mind, the bright blue ribbon for sure – that stood out against the white dress.  The green button mum near the bottom of the bouquet stood out to me, so that goes in the second box.  Next up was the lighter pink above it, then the medium pink then the darkest pink.  If you are more into greens you could have broken the greens down instead… this is a subjective exercise.  You can’t do it “wrong”.

How many?

You may not want to break down EVERY photo you have collected, and that’s fine.  After doing a few of them, you may find your brain automatically starts to blur out the subject matter and concentrates on the colors within the photos.  That’s essentially what we are trying to accomplish with this exercise.  Don’t kill yourself breaking down the photographs into color blocks, is what I’m saying.  Work on it until you get a sense of what you’re doing, then move onto the next step.

Step Four: Match List To Colors

Once you have gone through your photos, you should pull out your word list and start trying to match up the words to the color palettes you have established.

Choosing Wedding Colors | Wedding Colors | Wedding | Wedding Bouquet
Match your list to your photo palettes.

This might seem tricky, but once you start I think you’ll get into the rhythm and find it’s actually pretty easy.  It’s ok if some words fit with more than one photo.  What we are trying to accomplish here is whether there are any patterns in your tastes that you were both aware and unaware of.  For example, maybe you thought you wanted something very traditional, but you had written down “fun party vibe” to describe your wedding and all your palettes ended up being very bold colors.  You probably don’t really want a traditional wedding after all, and probably deep down aren’t drawn to those wedding colors after all.

Which palette “feels” right?

Once you have made a few palettes with your photos, you will have a better idea of which ones feel right and which ones don’t.  You can narrow your focus by repeating the words/photo process until you have just a few wedding color palettes to work with.

Choosing Wedding Colors | Wedding Colors | Wedding | Wedding Lists

Step Five: Google Wedding Photos In “Feels Right” Palette

Before making your final choice, Google wedding photos in the wedding color palettes you’ve created that “feel right”.  Once you see the wedding colors in action, you will have a much better idea if they are the right ones for you.  Again, Pinterest is a great resource for this sort of thing.

Step Six: Repeat Until Satisfied, Then Demand A High Five

I’m not gonna lie.  The chances are that you’ll have to google more than once.  You may even have to do it in public.  But keep googling and going through this process until you land on the wedding colors that are right for you.

Tah-dah!  You have just figured out your wedding colors, one of the hardest parts of wedding planning!  You totally deserve a taco.  Call me up and I’ll have one too.  And hey, now that you have your wedding colors figured out, why don’t you take a look at my invitations?  They can be recolored to match any color palette, even the one you just chose.  So win!

But first, tacos.

Choosing Wedding Colors | Wedding Colors | Wedding | Wedding Lists
I would have said yes to this. My husband could have saved himself some serious coin.


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