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Radioactive invitations!

Hola, muchachos!  I was on the radio!  I was interviewed by R.J. Johnson for his radio show Austin Bridal Secrets.  We talked about my invitations, how I started Chantal Claire and we even got into the nitty gritty of my cardstock of choice, Bazzill, and why I love it so much.

Modern Butterfly Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Pink and Black | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding | Modern Wedding | Wedding Invite | Handmade Wedding Invitation | Bright and Bold Wedding Invite
Our popular butterfly invitation recolored in black and pink. If you’ve met our client Richelle, you would know how much this suits her personality.

Signature or Contemporary?

During our conversation, we briefly touched on the two pocket choices I offer.  Our most popular choice is the contemporary pocket, which opens from bottom to top.  The contemporary pocket is in the middle price range.

Contemporary Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Floral Invitation | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding | Modern Wedding | Wedding Invite | Handmade Wedding Invitation | Bright and Bold Wedding Invite
Our contemporary pocket with our Circular Floral design.

If the contemporary pocket isn’t quite doing it for you, or you require more options for personalization, then the signature pocket is just right for you.  The side panels provide the perfect opportunity for you to include photos of yourselves, quotes, or photos/information about your location if you are having a destination wedding.

Modern Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Blue and Green Invitations | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding | Modern Wedding | Wedding Invite | Handmade Wedding Invitation | Bright and Bold Wedding Invite
Our signature pocket with featuring our Circular design.

America’s Got Invitations

In this interview, we of course delved pretty deep into my invitations and how my little company came to be.  But we also ended up talking about my original beginnings… as a sound engineer and singer/fiddler.  Ah, the good old days, when I’d be up all night performing in dirty bars, watching drunk people get drunker with every passing hour.  Listen to hear all the goodies.

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Handmade Invitations

Nano Robot Free

My invitations are handmade.  Yup, I make all the invitations you guys order BY HAND.  No automation or robotic involvement anywhere!  Well, I have the inserts printed by a professional printer, but I make all the pockets and add the rhinestones and whatnot by hand.

Modern Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Pink Wedding | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Glam Wedding
I assembled this beauty myself. We bonded. Well, I held it while it bonded… with glue.

Modern Butterfly Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Pink and Black | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding


Recently I ordered some samples from some other invitation companies, just to see what my competition was doing.  And they were very nice – I have no complaints.  The samples were fine.  Just – fine.  Nice.

However, it was very obvious that these were factory made.  The pockets from the different companies were identical, but assembled in different types of paper.  I found that a bit of a bummer – two different companies, yet the pockets were the same.  They had obviously been purchased from a wholesaler somewhere.


The ink was printed right onto the cardstock rather than onto blank inserts.  I’m sure this was a cost saving measure… but you definitely get what you pay for, because it didn’t feel very luxe to me.  Basically, all of the samples seemed very “cookie cutter”. as though a line of nano robots were spitting them out assembly line style.  Wow, that’s quite the image, eh?

Nano robots at the water cooler. “Hey, can you fill me in on Game of Thrones last night?” “Well, I can’t remember anybody’s name, but the angry guy got angrier and then there were a bunch of naked ladies…”

Now, I don’t want to slam these – I realize people have different budgets, and for some this may fit within their budget or preferences and that’s fine.  But for those who are like me and just cannot do things like everybody else, I offer my handmade invitations as an alternative.  Because each one goes through my hands, I make sure every single invitation is up to my high standards before shipping it out.  I painstakingly create a tiny reflection of you and your partner to present to your guests while allowing you to be a part of the creative process.  While the inserts are at the printer, I begin to cut the cardstock that will become the handmade pockets and outer wrap.  When everything is back from print I assemble it all myself.  I am a perfectionist and have set a very high standard for myself.  I am very proud of the work that I do and the high quality I provide.

Cardstock Standards

My try to exclusively use Bazzil cardstock when creating my handmade invitations.  If Bazzil isn’t available in a particular color that has been requested (which doesn’t happen often) I will go with another brand that is of the same quality, but it is my favorite cardstock to use because of the thickness, texture and variety.

There is also a huge variety of colors and even certain gold foil patterns that I’m somewhat in love with.  I’m a bit of a paper snob, so this is a topic I should probably write a separate post about.

When planning your next event, I hope you will consider using my invitations.  I really do believe that a beautiful handcrafted invite sets the tone for your wedding.  Contact me for a free sample!

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Modern wedding invitation with a hearts motif in blue and green by Chantal Claire. Colors can be changed at no additional cost.

Heart Eyes, Yo.

Hearts.  It’s a pretty standard wedding motif, and for good reason.  Hearts are a perfect symbol of love, and what’s a wedding without love?  Being a wedding vendor, I knew I’d have to create an invitation with a hearts motif.

But being me, I knew I couldn’t do something standard.  I tried, I really did, but I just can’t do things and have them turn out like other people’s.  I guess that’s why my business is successful, though.  This is the hearts design I came up with.

Blue Heart invitation
Hearts Collection signature style invitation in shades of blue and green.


Pretty swanky, huh?  I really like the signature style because there’s an extra opportunity to personalize things with the side panels.  Blue and green are usually my go to colors when designing because those were my wedding colors.  I also really like using pink tones and shades of orange in initial designs.


Blue Heart invitation
Hearts Collection invitation inserts.

Previous Client Work

I really wasn’t sure how this would look in other colors, but thankfully my clients are always really creative in their ideas, and we have worked together to create some really beautiful invitations featuring this design.  Like this one, doesn’t the pink just pop?  It makes me think of the type of gum with the liquid goo inside – it’s such a juicy color.  I love the stripe of green and the hearts seem to pop right off of it.

Pink Hearts
Pink hearts with a green stripe for previous client Linda, who has excellent taste when it comes to color choices.


Playing the Blues

There is some pretty cool stuff clients have done in shades of blue.  I always go for a turquoise shade, which is my signature color and the color I painted my office walls.  But seeing these again, I realize that I’m really limiting myself.  These are pretty rad – there is such gorgeous depth in these blues, and I love both the purple and tangerine they have chosen as accents.  Man my clients are awesome.

blue hearts with purple
My client Erica chose a pretty rad scheme of vibrant blue and deep purple. Haha! Deep purple. Am I the only one playing songs in my head now? GAH I’M OLD.
navy hearts invitation
Cassie and I played around with a few different shades to get the perfect color of navy that really made the tangerine stripe popped. I love how the hearts are cream colored to match the text, instead of just white. SO AWESOME!













I absolutely adore this last hearts collection.  A brown and blue color scheme always looks classy and hip at the same time.  Being a versatile scheme, it can be fresh and funky, it can lean towards the more rustic side if the blue is on the pale side, or it can be very classic if the motif is something traditional.  I think Shawna nailed it with this one.

brown blue hearts invitation
Shawna’s contemporary version of the popular brown and blue color scheme looks amazing. She sent me a photo of her bridesmaids dresses and I worked off of that. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


The back and forth

Generally, I’m not a huge fan of hearts.  However I’m really digging this hearts invitation and especially what my past clients have done with it.  I’m really excited to see what my new clients can do to really make it their own.  I think it’s so cool that I can come up with something when I’m designing, and then my clients can personalize it in ways I hadn’t considered (and I’m a pretty creative person).  I think the back and forth between us is really interesting and I really get to know my clients’ and their tastes.  We tend to email/text and sometimes my clients have used my inbox as a therapy session, too, which I don’t mind at all!  A lot of the time we are facebook friends at the end of the process (hey I’m still old school) and in some cases I’ve had a chance to watch my clients go on to start families of their own.

And to think… it all started with some hearts and a lot of love.

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Side by Side – The Signature Pocket

Playing with the Signature Pocket

Signature pocket invitation for circular wedding collection

The cool thing about the Signature pocket invitation is that you have the space on each side to jazz it up and really make it your own.  You can do this by personalizing the side panels with photos or unique quotes or phrases.

Signature pocket invitation for modern wedding collection

In the past, our clients have used the side panels to showcase photos of their resorts as a way of convincing guests to come to their destination wedding on the beach, and I have to take a moment here to say that I got a little jealous that I wasn’t invited because DANG those places looked awesome.  One client was getting married in Italy and included photos of a Tuscan winery near her wedding venue on the left side panel and her ceremony location on the right.

We have also had guests include adorable pictures of themselves on the panels, which is a great way to create one of a kind invitations using our designs.  We of course do this for you at no charge, along with changing the colors and fonts of our designs.

Steal these phrases:

But what if you’re not into pictures, but still love the Signature pocket invitation?  Quotes or phrases are most commonly used on the side panels.  Some clients have used lines from their favorite songs, and we have even included something from a Dr. Seuss book for one of our quirkier couples!  The side panels make our invitations really versatile.

Can’t think of anything awesome to write?  Look here for some inspiration:

Hearts will be practical only when they are made unbreakable. – Wizard of Oz

Our love will move us forward.

Today is your day!  Your mountain is waiting.  So… get on your way!  – Dr. Seuss

Forever begins today.

When your heart speaks, listen.

If I know what love is, it is because of you.

The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or even touched.  They must be felt with the heart.

And the two… shall become one.

Now, always and forever.

Two lives, two hearts, joined by love.

His love is the sunshine that keeps me warm.

To me, she’s the rainbow after the storm.

Signature pocket invitation for swirls wedding collection

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