Butterfly Invitations

Traditional Vs Modern Butterfly

Butterfly invitations.  A classic staple of the wedding industry, for sure.  But in our view, it is a motif you can easily play with.

Take for instance our version of the butterfly invitation, as seen on our Chantal Claire Collections website.

Butterfly Wedding Invitation | Wedding Invitation | Modern Wedding | Modern Invitation | Pocket Invitation | Pocketfold Invitation Modern Butterfly Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Pink and Orange | Pink Orange Wedding | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding
Jamala’s color choice was so great that we now use it as our sample for brides interested in the Butterfly invitation.

While the butterflies on their own are pretty simple and traditional, the colors our bride Jamala chose are modern and bright.  She opted for our Signature pocket, and used the side panels to write meaningful quotes in a font she used all through her wedding (this font is called PassionsConflict, which I teased her about during our interactions.  It’s a great font actually.  It’s scripty and kinda messy, but not really – it’s pretty cool.)

This color scheme is what I like to call “juicy” – it makes me think of all the tropical fruit on display whenever I go on vacation somewhere warm, and it always tastes SO MUCH BETTER than anything similar I eat when I get back home.  These colors aren’t a photoshop job, they really do pop like this.  Jamala did a great job merging a traditional motif with a modern color scheme to create a mix of old and new.

Here is what her invitation looks like when it is closed.  Jamala’s friend had designed a monogram which she sent to me.  I included it on the outside of her invitation.

Butterfly Wedding Invitation | Wedding Invitation | Modern Wedding | Modern Invitation | Pocket Invitation | Pocketfold Invitation Modern Butterfly Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Pink and Orange | Pink Orange Wedding | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding
Jamala’s butterfly invitation, closed and ready to go.

Rock On Old School

Our bride Richelle also loved our Butterfly invitation, but wanted to make it a little bit edgier.  She decided to go with a black and hot pink color scheme.

Butterfly Wedding Invitation | Wedding Invitation | Modern Wedding | Modern Invitation | Pocket Invitation | Pocketfold Invitation Modern Butterfly Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Pink and Black | Pink Black Wedding | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding
Richelle chose a pink and black color palette.

How rad is this?  This color scheme always looks amazing.  My brother also had a fuchsia and black palette and chose our Swirls invitation – it looked incredible and bold.  Richelle also chose the Signature pocket, but instead of quotes on the side panels she opted for a continuation of the butterfly motif.

I’m not sure how noticeable it is in these photos, but even the rhinestone between the names is a different color.  Did you see it before I pointed it out?  Jamala’s is a clear “diamond” looking one and Richelle’s is a hot pink one to match the cardstock.  Cool, huh?

Butterfly Wedding Invitation | Wedding Invitation | Modern Wedding | Modern Invitation | Pocket Invitation | Pocketfold Invitation Modern Butterfly Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Pink and Black | Pink Black Wedding | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding
The outside of Richelle’s invitation.

Can you be quiet?

Jenni came to us with a simple request… to design something less bright.  Less bold.  Less in your face.  Overall, something quieter…. with butterflies.  And we did just that!  Jenni’s color scheme was light and dark sage green, perfect for her summer wedding.

Butterfly Wedding Invitation | Wedding Invitation | Modern Wedding | Modern Invitation | Pocket Invitation | Pocketfold Invitation Modern Butterfly Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Green Cream | Sage Green Wedding | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding
Jenni’s softer take on our Butterfly invitation. I love her earth toned palette!

It has a very different feel to it, doesn’t it?  It’s the same design, but by using a different set of colors and fonts it seems softer and more whimsical.

With our Signature pocketfold design, you can inject even more of your own personality by adding photos of yourself or of your venue onto the side panels.  We have had clients do this in the past when they are trying to sell a destination wedding to their guests by putting pictures of resorts, specialty food or even in one case the Tuscan landscape on there.

One regret I have is of not taking more photographs of my past work.  You know what they say about hindsight…  My brides have been so creative in the past and I wish I had thought to take pictures of it all!  Of course, I didn’t think back then I would be blogging about it…  but it still would be lovely to have photos of all the cool stuff my girls have come up with.

What awesome things will you come up with?  Get in touch with me about designing your wedding invitations.

Butterfly Wedding Invitation | Wedding Invitation | Modern Wedding | Modern Invitation | Pocket Invitation | Pocketfold Invitation Modern Butterfly Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Green Cream | Sage Green Wedding | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding
Jenni’s invitation, closed and ready for it’s envelope.


Butterfly Wedding Invitation | Wedding Invitation | Modern Wedding | Modern Invitation | Pocket Invitation | Pocketfold Invitation Modern Butterfly Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Pink and Orange | Pink Orange Wedding | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding | High End Wedding Invitation | Handmade Wedding Invitation | Customized Wedding Invitation

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Invitations And You – Listen Up!

Radioactive invitations!

Hola, muchachos!  I was on the radio!  I was interviewed by R.J. Johnson for his radio show Austin Bridal Secrets.  We talked about my invitations, how I started Chantal Claire and we even got into the nitty gritty of my cardstock of choice, Bazzill, and why I love it so much.

Modern Butterfly Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Pink and Black | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding | Modern Wedding | Wedding Invite | Handmade Wedding Invitation | Bright and Bold Wedding Invite
Our popular butterfly invitation recolored in black and pink. If you’ve met our client Richelle, you would know how much this suits her personality.

Signature or Contemporary?

During our conversation, we briefly touched on the two pocket choices I offer.  Our most popular choice is the contemporary pocket, which opens from bottom to top.  The contemporary pocket is in the middle price range.

Contemporary Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Floral Invitation | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding | Modern Wedding | Wedding Invite | Handmade Wedding Invitation | Bright and Bold Wedding Invite
Our contemporary pocket with our Circular Floral design.

If the contemporary pocket isn’t quite doing it for you, or you require more options for personalization, then the signature pocket is just right for you.  The side panels provide the perfect opportunity for you to include photos of yourselves, quotes, or photos/information about your location if you are having a destination wedding.

Modern Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Blue and Green Invitations | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding | Modern Wedding | Wedding Invite | Handmade Wedding Invitation | Bright and Bold Wedding Invite
Our signature pocket with featuring our Circular design.

America’s Got Invitations

In this interview, we of course delved pretty deep into my invitations and how my little company came to be.  But we also ended up talking about my original beginnings… as a sound engineer and singer/fiddler.  Ah, the good old days, when I’d be up all night performing in dirty bars, watching drunk people get drunker with every passing hour.  Listen to hear all the goodies.

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Choosing Wedding Colors

Choosing wedding colors.

It seems like this is a tricky thing for a lot of brides to be to do, and there *millions of guides online geared towards helping them do just that.  But do those guides really help?  I’m not so sure… they talk about time of year, the venue, color wheels, but not so much about the individual bride and her unique likes and dislikes.

*approximate number based on late night research while binge watching crime docs on netflix

So what’s my recommendation?  I’m so glad you asked.

A/V Club, if you please:

That’s the overview on how we recommend you choose your wedding colors.  But let’s break this down into more detail.

Step One: List Words to Describe Your Wedding

One a piece of paper, jot down descriptive words based on how you imagine your wedding.  You may not have a clear idea of wedding things yet, but you’ll probably have a pretty good picture of how you want it to feel.  Do you want a party atmosphere with loud music and lots of celebrating?  Then write party, celebration, jubilant.  Have you always loved wedding magazines and pictured yourself in a princess ballgown, walking down the aisle to the Wedding March?  Then maybe traditional, formal, classic are more your style.  The more descriptive words you write down, the easier it will be to narrow down the overall vibe of your event, and the vibe will eventually lead to your wedding colors.

Choosing Wedding Colors | Wedding Colors | Wedding | Wedding Style

Step Two: Go Through Your Favorite Photos

Pick out your favorite photographs.  These can be wedding related photos you found online, or favorite pictures from your personal collection.  Try to avoid pictures with emotional ties, like an old picture of you and your childhood pet, if you can.

Once you have a healthy stack of photos to choose from, you are ready for step three.

Choosing Wedding Colors | Wedding Colors | Wedding | Wedding Collage
Go through your photos and set aside your favorite ones. They don’t have to be wedding related! Pinterest is a great place to look.

Step Three: Dissect Photos Into Main Color Groups

Up until now, you might be like… wha?  But this is where things start to come together.  This can be finicky, but try to break your pictures into color groups.  Ideally you want no more than four or five per photo, and you can go as low as three (but with a picture that’s hard).  Take a look at my example:


Choosing Wedding Colors | Wedding Colors | Wedding | Wedding Bouquet

Realistically there are way more colors in this photo than just five.  There are shades of cream and more shades of pink and blue and green than what I’ve shown in the squares.  But I’m trying to break the photo down into it’s main colors.  In other words, if I were to glance at the photo quickly, then turn away and close my eyes, what would my color take away be?  That’s what I want in those boxes.

With that in mind, the bright blue ribbon for sure – that stood out against the white dress.  The green button mum near the bottom of the bouquet stood out to me, so that goes in the second box.  Next up was the lighter pink above it, then the medium pink then the darkest pink.  If you are more into greens you could have broken the greens down instead… this is a subjective exercise.  You can’t do it “wrong”.

How many?

You may not want to break down EVERY photo you have collected, and that’s fine.  After doing a few of them, you may find your brain automatically starts to blur out the subject matter and concentrates on the colors within the photos.  That’s essentially what we are trying to accomplish with this exercise.  Don’t kill yourself breaking down the photographs into color blocks, is what I’m saying.  Work on it until you get a sense of what you’re doing, then move onto the next step.

Step Four: Match List To Colors

Once you have gone through your photos, you should pull out your word list and start trying to match up the words to the color palettes you have established.

Choosing Wedding Colors | Wedding Colors | Wedding | Wedding Bouquet
Match your list to your photo palettes.

This might seem tricky, but once you start I think you’ll get into the rhythm and find it’s actually pretty easy.  It’s ok if some words fit with more than one photo.  What we are trying to accomplish here is whether there are any patterns in your tastes that you were both aware and unaware of.  For example, maybe you thought you wanted something very traditional, but you had written down “fun party vibe” to describe your wedding and all your palettes ended up being very bold colors.  You probably don’t really want a traditional wedding after all, and probably deep down aren’t drawn to those wedding colors after all.

Which palette “feels” right?

Once you have made a few palettes with your photos, you will have a better idea of which ones feel right and which ones don’t.  You can narrow your focus by repeating the words/photo process until you have just a few wedding color palettes to work with.

Choosing Wedding Colors | Wedding Colors | Wedding | Wedding Lists

Step Five: Google Wedding Photos In “Feels Right” Palette

Before making your final choice, Google wedding photos in the wedding color palettes you’ve created that “feel right”.  Once you see the wedding colors in action, you will have a much better idea if they are the right ones for you.  Again, Pinterest is a great resource for this sort of thing.

Step Six: Repeat Until Satisfied, Then Demand A High Five

I’m not gonna lie.  The chances are that you’ll have to google more than once.  You may even have to do it in public.  But keep googling and going through this process until you land on the wedding colors that are right for you.

Tah-dah!  You have just figured out your wedding colors, one of the hardest parts of wedding planning!  You totally deserve a taco.  Call me up and I’ll have one too.  And hey, now that you have your wedding colors figured out, why don’t you take a look at my invitations?  They can be recolored to match any color palette, even the one you just chose.  So win!

But first, tacos.

Choosing Wedding Colors | Wedding Colors | Wedding | Wedding Lists
I would have said yes to this. My husband could have saved himself some serious coin.


Choosing Wedding Colors | Wedding Colors | Wedding | Wedding Bouquet | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding | Pink Wedding | Pink Green Wedding | Wedding Invitations | Wedding Stationery | Choose Wedding Colors | Wedding Colors

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Everything is Awesome Wedding Style

So why exactly are we so awesome?

Wow, what a way to start a blog post, eh?  But seriously, what makes Chantal Claire more awesome to work with than, say, the next wedding invitation company?

Lego Awesome Wedding
Aw man. I wish this was around when I got married. This totally would have been on my thank you cards.

Well, we are humble, to begin with. That’s always a great virtue to have. 😉  And there’s this.  But we also remember clearly what it’s like to plan a wedding, even if it was hmmrmph*mumble*mmmmph years ago.  Not that we are old or anything.

Awesome Wedding Memories

I myself remember meeting with vendor after vendor while planning my wedding.  Meeting after meeting, I would find myself in rooms that didn’t match my wedding vibe, and they would tell me what my wedding would be like when I hired them.  And if I made the mistake of telling them I was marrying a guy from Serbia – whoa nelly!  Then I was having this type of wedding, and we would need to play this song and of course everybody would expect that…  except… none of it matched the wedding my fiance and I were planning. (See how I included my fiance there?  It’s because I’m awesome like that.  Cuz everybody knows it’s really about the bride, and she really does all the planning, but I still included him.  Because, as I said, I’m awesome.  But I digress…)

We were planning a small wedding, and we were (and still are, in our old age – ha) a quirky pair, and we didn’t want a lot of the expected wedding stuff at our event.  It just didn’t work for us.  But when I tried to explain it to these vendors, I was brushed off and ignored.  “Your guests will miss it,” was the most common phrase I heard.  My gut instinct was to reply – no, you will miss it, because I won’t be paying for it and you won’t see it in your bank account.  And then a few other maybe not so awesome and not so wedding related words and phrases followed – in my head of course.  Because I’m awesome and wouldn’t say it out loud. #PoliteCanadian

Wedding vendors that get “awesome”

At Chantal Claire, we want to be the vendor that “gets” you.  We don’t want to be the vendor that tells you what your wedding invitation will be like, or what your guests will miss, or what you have to have.  We want you to tell us why you are awesome, and we want to make an invitation to show you off.  And we think your wedding invitation should get people excited about your event, and should showcase your quirky, goofy or romantic side – whichever side you want to show. And we don’t think you should pay custom prices to be able to do any of that.

awesome wedding invitations
Our previous clients have made some awesome color choices when it comes to our butterfly collection. Same design but totally different vibe. I have gotten to know Richelle, the pink and black bride, pretty well since her wedding and yes, this invitation is TOTALLY her.
At Chantal Claire, we love awesome people, and we love weddings.  We love awesome weddings, and I don’t mean the big expensive crazy over the top ones…  I mean the ones that really show off the couple.  We would love to be a part of yours.  Get in touch with us for your free sample.
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Heidi Swapp Memorydex guestbook in black

To guestbook or not to guestbook – is that the question?


I’ve been hanging out on a few different wedding forums for a few months now, and guestbooks are a topic that come up frequently.  Most couples these days want something they will look at each day, rather than a book that will sit in a drawer or on a shelf.

Some very creative ideas have been suggested, but I see the same ideas over and over again.  And then while I was on vacation with my family last week thinking about all the cool pictures I’ll be adding to my scrapbooking pile, I came up with an idea: why not use Heidi Swapp’s Memorydex as a guestbook?

Heidi Swapp’s Memorydex in white. A neat way to whip together a unique guestbook and wedding album.

The Rolodex Guestbook

The Memorydex works like an old school rolodex, if anybody remembers what those are.  It comes with the base unit and cards which fit onto the rings in the middle.  You could have your guests sign the cards with a message during your reception and assemble it easily and quickly afterwards.  Voila!  A quick guestbook!

This takes up very little space, so you can leave it out on a side table to flip through and still have lots of room for important things like a tv remote and a glass of wine.  While being a guestbook, it can double as a wedding album if you print and glue photos onto the cards – just bear in mind the photos will be smaller than 4×6.

Make It Personal

There are tons of accessories for the Memorydex, so you can really make this your own.  You can even create your own cards out of paper you have already if you purchase the punch – if you plan on covering the cards with scrapbook paper or creating your own cards, you will definitely want the punch, trust me.  It’s SUCH a pain to cut those little rectangles out by hand.

guestbook punch
Memorydex paper punch. Worth the moolah.

White’s not your thing?  The Memorydex comes in black as well.

guestbook black

Some of the cards have tabs, creating different headings or sections.  So you could create a wedding guestbook and also wishes for the future – say, a section with cards to read on your one year anniversary, five year anniversary, ten year anniversary, etc.  It’s so simple to put together that you could have one of your bridesmaids assemble it in one night while you are on your honeymoon.

I’m not affiliated with Heidi Swapp.  I’m not getting a kickback for recommending this.  I just really like mine and have been impressed with how quickly I can create interesting cards, and how many cards one dex can hold.  I also think a so-call “uncreative person” can be pretty creative with this without wanting to lose their everloving mind.

Guestbook Updated

When I got married, I asked my guests to send me or email me a photo of themselves with my husband or I (or both) that we may not have.  I then glued them into an empty sketchbook and wrote the guest’s names on top.  We got hilarious photos Hubber and I had never seen before, and it was a walk down memory lane for each of us and we heard stories about each other we had never heard before.  With such a small wedding, it was easy for the to find their page and they said later they liked looking for it and writing silly comments about the photo they sent in.

We still pull that book out of it’s place in the kitchen.  Our kids find it hilarious to look at old photos of their parents looking silly.  However, I realize that this won’t work for a large wedding, and not everybody wants an actual book.  If I were to get married again I would probably do something like the Memorydex.   To me, this is a great guestbook option.

Card accessories are available, although you can use any small scrapbooking or planner items.

You should be able to get this at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  If not, you can purchase it through me at info@chantalclaire.com.  If you still like the idea of a traditional guestbook, well guess what?  I sell those too!

Wedding Guestbook | DIY Wedding | Creative Wedding | Creative Bride | Wedding Project | Guestbook | Wedding Idea



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Foil Me Once, Shame On You

Foil invitations – they’re all the rage right now.  And I get it, they’re beautiful and funky and it’s really hard not to love them.  It’s something that I’ve wanted to offer my clients, but being a small business owner I wasn’t really sure how.  Well… last night I did some experimenting, and things went very well.

gold foil invite
Gold foil invites! The top is VERY shiny, and you can see the brush strokes from the reactive paint I used. It’s pretty awesome, and gives a slightly edgy feel. I LURVE IT.

This was my first attempt, and I’m pretty happy with the results.  I’ll try duplicating it today and if all goes well it looks like this will be something I’ll be offering on the website!  I’m so excited!

I’ve got ideas for the above, but also polka dots and maybe offering a chevron pattern in foil as well.  Is there anything you’d like to see?  I did one last night with just the names in foil and that looked very classy as well.

Foil is available in all kinds of cool colors.  Check it out:

All the foils of the rainbow.

Oh yeah.  So excited.  I’ve already placed my order for a bunch of different colors and cannot wait to start playing.  It’s happening, baby.


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Handmade Invitations

Nano Robot Free

My invitations are handmade.  Yup, I make all the invitations you guys order BY HAND.  No automation or robotic involvement anywhere!  Well, I have the inserts printed by a professional printer, but I make all the pockets and add the rhinestones and whatnot by hand.

Modern Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Pink Wedding | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Glam Wedding
I assembled this beauty myself. We bonded. Well, I held it while it bonded… with glue.

Modern Butterfly Wedding Invitation Suite | Wedding Pocketfold Invitation | Pink and Black | Destination Wedding | Save the Date | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding


Recently I ordered some samples from some other invitation companies, just to see what my competition was doing.  And they were very nice – I have no complaints.  The samples were fine.  Just – fine.  Nice.

However, it was very obvious that these were factory made.  The pockets from the different companies were identical, but assembled in different types of paper.  I found that a bit of a bummer – two different companies, yet the pockets were the same.  They had obviously been purchased from a wholesaler somewhere.


The ink was printed right onto the cardstock rather than onto blank inserts.  I’m sure this was a cost saving measure… but you definitely get what you pay for, because it didn’t feel very luxe or personal to me.  Basically, all of the samples seemed very “cookie cutter”, as though a line of nano robots were spitting them out assembly line style.  Wow, that’s quite the image, eh?

Nano robots at the water cooler: “Hey, can you fill me in on Game of Thrones last night?” “Well, I can’t remember anybody’s name, but the angry guy got angrier and then there were a bunch of naked ladies…”

Now, I don’t want to slam these invitations – I realize people have different budgets, and for some this may fit within their budget or preferences and that’s fine.  But for those who are like me and just cannot do things like everybody else, I offer my handmade invitations as an alternative.  Because each one goes through my hands, I make sure every single invitation is up to my high standards before shipping it out.  I painstakingly create a tiny reflection of you and your partner to present to your guests while allowing you to be a part of the creative process.  While the inserts are at the printer, I begin to cut the cardstock that will become the handmade pockets and outer wrap.  When everything is back from print I assemble it all myself.  I am a perfectionist and have set a very high standard for myself.  I am very proud of the work that I do and the high quality I provide.

Cardstock Standards

My try to exclusively use Bazzil cardstock when creating my handmade invitations.  If Bazzil isn’t available in a particular color that has been requested (which doesn’t happen often) I will go with another brand that is of the same quality, but it is my favorite cardstock to use because of the thickness, texture and variety.

There is also a huge variety of colors and even certain gold foil patterns that I’m somewhat in love with.  I’m a bit of a paper snob, so this is a topic I should probably write a separate post about.

When planning your next event, I hope you will consider using my invitations.  I really do believe that a beautiful handcrafted invite sets the tone for your wedding.  Contact me for a free sample!

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Invitation Wording – wordify fun

Invitation wording.  This phrase can make even the most calm and collected bride to be start to sweat.  Well, this phrase and the words seating chart.  Before we start the stress, let’s begin with some humor from one of my favorite cats:


get fuzzy comic
I, too, can food anything.


So let’s get down to wordifying your invitations, ok?  Coming up with invitation wording can be tricky, because sometimes parents want their names on there, sometimes you are paying for the event yourself and want only you and your fiance’s names to appear.    There isn’t really a “wrong” way to do it these days, unless you forget to include the following:


Who is getting married?  Make sure you put your names on there.  This shouldn’t be too hard unless you’re proofing your invites when you’re totally blotto.  I don’t recommend this.


You’ll want to indicate in some way that it’s a wedding invitation and not, say, a bat mitzvah or a Friday night wannabe adult prom.  You can indicate this by saying “at the marriage of their daughter/children” if you are including your parents’ names or, if not, you can write “as they join together in matrimony” or “as they exchange wedding vows”.  There are a bunch of ways you can say this, more than I can write here.  Google is your friend, my peeps.  Since I am not new to wedding invitations, I can help you with this too.


So, where is this beautiful little (or big) shindig happening at?  Include the venue name and address.  If the reception is at a different place, I recommend putting that information on the main invitation too.  Inserts can get lost or fall out in the bustle of the day, and an insert can easily be tucked into a suit jacket pocket.  People are also notorious for being really, really disorganized when it comes to events… so it’s good to put both the ceremony and the reception addresses on the main insert.

This is a great example of my client Erin’s invitation and how she placed both addresses on her invitation without making it look too jumbled up or busy.

calla lily invitation wording
Erin’s calla lily invitation. She’s an invitation wording pro.

And here is Erin’s completed invitation.  Pretty snazzy, eh?

Calla lilly wedding invitation in green and brown. Chantal Claire Collections, www.chantalclaire.com
Erin has great taste. She knew exactly what she wanted color wise, and we worked together to make this little beauty.


Make sure you put the time the ceremony begins!  I’ve seen some brides on wedding forums lately stressing over whether to write that the ceremony time starts at 4 when it really begins at 4:30.  As a guest, I would find this annoying.  If it starts at 4:30 I will make sure I get there on time, and to be honest quite often weddings get started a little bit late because of unforeseen snags.  If you have your guests sitting there waiting for 45 minutes, they are going to be really annoyed – especially if the venue is too hot or too cold.  Please trust that they are adults and can get there on time.  Leave the micromanaging to your boss, please.


Whether it’s on a separate card (which I recommend) or via a wedding website, make sure you have your RSVP deadline clearly stated.  Having said that, also trust that people are going to promptly ignore it, and you’ll have to chase them down.  People are ridiculous with RSVPs for some reason.  It’s not just weddings, I’m finding it with children’s birthday parties and wedding anniversary parties too.  So make sure you have given yourself enough time to chase down the guests who have not responded!  And make sure you have stocked up on wine, chocolate, oreos, episodes of Teen Mom or whatever your poison is to get through the hell that is called RSVP follow up.  Then email me to complain, because Lord knows I feel you.

To card or not to card?

Why do I recommend having an RSVP card?  First, it’s tradition and expected, at least for the older set (like me – sob).

Second, not everybody is computer savvy.  I know it’s hard to believe, but my first girl scout co-leader didn’t even have a cell phone until I basically harassed her into getting one so she could communicate with the service unit and stop making me do all the work – not that I’m bitter or anything.

Now comes the third and most relevant and important reason.  I am barraged by emails and links and things I need to RSVP to for my kids’ school, and it always somehow piles up.  If it comes to me in a paper copy, it’s much easier to just quickly answer it and then pop it in the mailbox when I make my daily trip.  I feel like a website response will become a part of the tech noise I deal with every day – but that may also just be me, I am approximately 12954 billion years old.  Based on the responses I’ve been reading on a few different wedding forums recently, it seems I’m not alone.  However, you do you.  If a website RSVP fits your budget better or your lifestyle, I say go with it.  Any vendor who has a problem with an e-response, or any of your decisions, really, doesn’t deserve your coin.

I will get more in depth with exact invitation wording in another post, but hopefully this gives you a brief overview of what is required.  Happy wordifying!  I’m gonna go food some chocolate now.

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Wedding Planning Adulting

For The Win.

I have been adulting like crazy today.  And if you’re doing any wedding planning, I bet you’ve been adulting too.  Yays for everybody!  We deserve a margarita or six.  We also deserve this t-shirt.

adulting t-shirt
I need this t-shirt. I’ve earned it.

Being engaged is hard, yo.

Wedding planning is hard work.  There are so many decisions to make and checklists to tick off and DIY projects to mess up and redo – I mean, it’s a wonder any bride actually makes it to their wedding day at all.  But at least we’ve got you covered for your invitations!

If you send us your color palette, a picture of your bridesmaid’s dress, or even just a written description of your colors we can change up any of our designs to match your theme.  Wedding planning win.

Want some examples?  Yeah, you do.

Soft grey, brown, blue and blush wedding invitation. Chantal Claire Collections, www.chantalclaire.com
Our Circular collection, recolored.
Soft grey, brown, blue and blush wedding colors
A soft color palette for inspiration.

I love how soft these tones are.  I usually go for much bolder colors when I’m designing, so this is outside my natural comfort zone.  But I was really drawn to this palette and I’m really happy with how the circular design turned out.



Pink?  No Bueno.

If pinks aren’t really your thing, that’s ok.  What do you think of this silver and gold toned version of our Dots collection?

Grey, blue and gold modern wedding invitation. Chantal Claire Collections, www.chantalclaire.com
Silver and gold Dots design.
Grey, blue and gold wedding color palette.
Color inspiration.

I looooove this.  I hope someone is planning their wedding in this color scheme, I think it looks very classy and royal and would love to see a tablescape set up in this palette.  And how cute is this little girl’s hair?  I love how this looks, and I love the slight blue tinge in this palette.  Gorgeous!


And for reference, and to give your index finger a break after all your wedding planning clicking, here is the original for reference.


Wedding Invitation | Wedding Stationery | Pink Green Wedding | Pink Green Wedding Invitation | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding | Wedding Colors | Wedding Palette | Hand Made Wedding Invitations | Wedding Invitation Design
We like the quieter colors too, but we still have a soft spot for our high energy pink and green original color scheme.


Good luck with your wedding planning.  And good luck to both of us with our continued success adulting.

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Wedding Colors | Wedding Colors | Wedding | Wedding Invitations | Wedding Stationery | Spring Wedding | Summer Wedding | Blue Grey Gold Wedding | Fall Wedding | Winter Wedding | Wedding Invitation Design | Hand Made Wedding Invitations

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Move over, Gin Blossoms. It’s Cherry Blossom time.

Cherry Blossoms.

It’s such a delicate and sweet motif for a wedding, or any party.  It’s a traditional theme but not so much that you can’t play with it to add unique and modern elements.

Cherry Blossom Wedding Invitation, www.chantalclaire.com
Contemporary pocket in Cherry Blossom Collection

Make it your own

With our cherry blossom design especially, changing the color scheme really switches up the overall feel of the invitation.  Sticking to the traditional light pink and brown tones gives a whimsical touch, but going darker reminds me of some artwork I’ve seen in the homes of my Chinese friends back in Toronto.

Cherry blossom wedding invitation in red and black, www.chantalclaire.com
Amanda’s black and red theme worked amazingly well with the cherry blossom invitation! I’ll take a world of this, please.
Cherry blossom wedding invitation in purple and white, www.chantalclaire.com
Jeanine was one of my favorite clients to work with. This was her vow renewal, and this insert sat inside a deep purple pocket. It was amazeballs when it was done. Fer serious.












Christine knew she wanted a cherry blossom motif and pink and black as her colors, but wasn’t sure which one she wanted to see more of.  These pictures are a great way to show you some of my process, and also explain better than words how different the same design can look with a color and font change.  These are three mockups I did for her (out of many) and out of all of them we settled on the last.  I actually think they all look great for different reasons, but they definitely do all have a different feel.  Which one is your favorite?  Leave me a comment and tell me why!

What’s that?  You want to see what other wedding related cherry blossom stuff I’ve found online?  Well, ok then.  But only because you asked, and also only because I’m busy listening to my murderino podcast and am happy to surf the net for you.


cherry blossom earrings
Golden Kiss Jewelry on Etsy – who wants to buy me these?

I think these earrings from GoldenKiss Jewelry on Etsy are adorable.  They come in silver or gold, and at $16+ I think they’re a really good find for the money.  She’s got excellent reviews, so definitely worth checking out.

cherry blossom earrings
Obsessories LA – as good at making jewelry as they are at naming their store. So, pretty darn good.

I think these itty bitty cherry blossom earrings from Obsessories LA are the sweetest little gift you could give your flower girl.  How adorable are they?






Wedding Favors

Ah, the dreaded favors.  I’m partial to anything edible myself, but then again I think being 6590 lbs suits me.  😉  I did a quick search for you and found a few things that I thought were cute and not coo-coo bananas expensive.

cherry blossom oreos
Cherry blossom oreos? Or really, any kind of oreos. Um, yes please!

Omigod oreos.  Cherry blossom oreos.  Omigod.  Like… omigod.  I don’t think I need to say anything else here.

Oh wait, I should probably tell you the store name.  It’s MerryGoSweets on Etsy.  You need to buy stuff from her.  Even if you decide not to get married, you need to buy stuff from her.  And so do I.  Because oreos.  Omigod.





cherry blossom coasters
Super cute and unique coasters. Rockin the old school vibe.

A billion years ago when I got married, everybody considered coasters as a wedding favor. I mean, I didn’t, but that’s just because everybody else was doing it and as I’ve said before, if other people are doing it then I suddenly become allergic to it.  Anyway, I saw these and didn’t break out in hives because these are actually really adorable.  There’s no link because honestly, I saved this picture a while ago and then got distracted by the oreos and didn’t save the link.  Bad blogger.



cherry blossom wine glass
Let’s get blotto, y’all.

The wine glass in the middle with the cherry blossom motif is pretty cute, and is a favor that I think quite a few guests will actually use after your event.  And let’s face it, if many of them are newlyweds themselves, they’ll need to be drinking some vino to get through the first few years of arguments about in-laws, spending, and stop leaving your laundry on the floor the bin is RIGHT THERE can you seriously not see it it’s like two steps away just lift the freakin lid it’s not that hard- oh wait, this suddenly became all about me.  Sorry about that.


Yummies for your Tummies

cherry blossom cupcake toppers
Cherry blossom cupcake toppers. Can I go to a bakery and just order the toppers, I wonder? Will they think I’m weird?

This is the deciding factor for me.  Forget everything.  I’m going to throw myself another wedding, and it’s going to have a cherry blossom theme and instead of a cake it’ll have a few thousand cupcakes with these adorbs edible cupcake toppers on them.  My husband is gonna love it.  No, he totally will.  Stop arguing with me.

WicksteadsEatMe on Etsy.  Rad.






Well, that about does it for today’s episode of Chantal Spends Your Money For You.  Thanks for tuning in.

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