Hey!  I'm Chantal.

I like to paint.  Like, a lot.  I also like to hang out on my computer and talk to people via email and Facebook.  Sometimes I like to hang out with them in real life too.  I live in Austin Texas with the world's best family.  When I'm not painting abstract art and pop art, I'm a Girl Scout leader and am in training for the True Crime Trivia Olympics (it should be a thing, y'all).

What About my Business?

Oh right, the business.  Chantal Claire Collections launched shortly after I married my husband in 2006 and posted my DIY wedding invitations online.  Some brides-to-be loved what I had created and offered to pay me to make their wedding invitations, and when I was downsized from my day job I decided to pursue invitation design full time.  I haven't looked back since!


Ah, look at that.  We were such babies then.  Speaking of babies, I had two, and hit pause on Chantal Claire (the business, not the person - my personality did not fracture.  I don't think...)  I was just about to relaunch when we decided to move from Toronto, Ontario to the States, so I had to wait.  And wait... the greencard process is long, people!  I spent the time painting and trying out new techniques.  I also became known for painting dog portraits in my new 'hood.


Pop art is my first great design love.

I am channeling my inner Warhol with this portrait of my neighbor's dog. Look at those sweet eyes!


And now I'm back!  I have branched out with the business, offering wedding invitations as well as abstract art prints, notecards and even earrings featuring my artwork.    My kids have been watching, too, and at a recent camp fair my daughter jumped at the opportunity to go to a camp for young entrepreneurs.  As a kid who never really felt like she fit in growing up, I am really happy there are programs like this out there now - and I'm also really proud to show my kids that there are ways to follow your passion and still earn a living.  

annoras peculiar.JPG

As a mom, it's important to show my kids they can accomplish anything. My daughter is nine and just launched her own line of art prints through a children's program... so she could be just like Mom.

My kids are also involved in my business to an extent.  I like to let them name many of my paintings and invitations, so they feel involved.  And I have found that quite often their ideas are better than mine!  They are seven and nine, so there is only so much they can "help" me with right now... lol.

I have always loved creating.  If you like my style but don't see  anything in the color scheme that works for you, please let me know.  I accept commissions!