Fluid Acrylic Painting

Pink Fluid Acrylic

So yesterday, I messed up huge.  I had finally finished a big piece - my biggest ever - and had sprayed it with my spray sealant.  I went to put a final spritz on it and grabbed the gold spray paint instead.  DOH!  I spent hours fixing it.  SO ANNOYING.

In the end, I think it turned out ok.  Check it out in my first ever video posted to youtube (below).  

What Is Fluid Acrylic?

Fluid acrylic is a form of abstract painting.  It's very trendy right now, and it's pretty fun to do.  It's when the artist mixes acrylic paint with fluid medium, available at craft stores, or Floetrol, available at Home Depot, and water and a touch of silicone.  Then, the paint is layered into a cup and either poured onto the canvas like I have done on the painting above or "flipped" and lifted off of the canvas.  The medium extends the paint, the water thins it and the silicone separates the colors and creates "cells", the little circular patterns.  It is not quite marbling, but similar to it.

How Should I Seal My Paintings?

I like to use a spray seal.  Sometimes I use a glossy sealant, but for the painting above I chose to use a matte spray.  I always make sure it says it's good for acrylic paint.  Good things to keep in mind are:

  • make sure the paint is completely dry.  I try to give it a few weeks after I think it's totally dry, just to be sure any coats underneath have had a chance to cure.
  • spray paint is not sealant.
  • gold spray paint is not going to improve a completed painting.  It will just make you feel like a dolt and cause a day of unnecessary work.  Don't be a dolt.


Shades of pink mix with lines of black and large sections of white with gold details in this original fluid acrylic painting by Chantal Claire.